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I am sure you have heard of those deals that looked to be too good to be true and turned out that way too.  Now you can find out some info of some of the biggest scams before you become a scam victim yourself.

You will find tips and advice from product users such as yourself.  Here you can share advice on such topics as dealing with the banks, getting refunds without hassle, and how to avoid Internet buying traps.  Also in this section is 1 800 telephone numbers, and manufacturer links.

Visit our forum to post your experiences with a product, or service.  Also post your inquiries into such things as packaging, policies, poor quality items, and any other help from your experience you can offer other users such as yourself.

Haven’t you always wanted to know what others had with experience of products before shelling out the bucks?  Here you can find advance advice on the item you are about to buy.

Penny Pages and receives many inquiries requesting info on manufacturer Products, as well as praise and complaints about their purchases.

We, at Penny Pages, and do our best to forward your info to the right Company.  Continuing our dedication to you, the Consumer, we have provided this space for you to submit your inquiry, complaint, praise, or request.

If you have the answer to previous posts, please be sure to post it for the benefit of all our visitors.

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